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Tuesday, 22-Jan-2019, 09:37

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Little crocheted amigurumi(one piece).
You can choose your own color
Size : 4.1 cm.
Great as a key holder or bag decoration.

Do you want to crochet it by yourself?
All you need is to know a few very basic crochet stitches and the pattern
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12 $

Amigurumi | Views: 2513 |  Date: 25-Jan-2013 | Comments (0)

Do you know how to choose the yarn for beginners?
What kind of yarn do you need for practicing?
Read this short article
Useful Crochet Tips | Views: 1484 |  Date: 20-Nov-2011 | Comments (0)

A list of Crochet Stitches, abbreviation and graphic symbols
Crochet stitches | Views: 1986 |  Date: 19-Nov-2011 | Comments (0)

Single Crochet Stitch
Crochet stitches | Views: 1740 |  Date: 15-Nov-2011 | Comments (0)

How to Crochet a Basic Chain Stitch
Crochet stitches | Views: 2456 |  Date: 17-Oct-2011 | Comments (0)

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